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  • Roshan Bamberadeniya

Outsourcing a Call Center: How to Save Money and Improve Customer Service

While the demand for digital channels has increased, companies that serve customers still use call centers to help with customer care. Despite many different customer service channels, Sri Lanka continues to rely on phone calls as the leading channel, which is preceded by social media, live chat, email, & chatbots. It makes sense - since customers need things handled immediately, everyone wants an empathic human representative who can deliver immediate communication.

What are the benefits of outsourcing a call center in Sri Lanka?

Outsourcing a call center in Sri Lanka can have many benefits. By outsourcing a call center, you are getting the benefit of lower labor costs, higher customer satisfaction, and increased revenues, while your employees are given more training and opportunities for advancement. It can also improve the customer experience as a whole, as your call center has the expertise to handle a wide range of issues, and those issues will be addressed by specialized call center agents in the outsourced company such as Sales Capital. You also will have better controls over how many calls each agent receives, how those calls are answered, and how often they are answered.

How to find the right outsourcing partner

But there are some key aspects that must be considered when choosing an outsourcing partner. 1. Decide if a partner has a portfolio of high-quality work experience i.e., Sales Capital has years of quality working experience with handling reputed brands in Sri Lanka such as “Ratthi, Anchor Newdale, Anchor PediaPro” etc., Two very important things to look for in an outsourcing partner are experience and professionalism. If they've been working in the industry for a while and have the right knowledge, you know they'll be on top of your issues. They'll also be well prepared, organized, and set up to handle any response that may arise. 3. Look for a partner that has an excellent safety record. Once you have found a partner with a portfolio, look for a company that hasn't had a single slip-up in its history. If they've had a dispute or encountered a major problem, you can be assured that you'll have a reliable partner.

What to consider when outsourcing a call center in Sri Lanka

In order to get the best return for your company, you have to look at how much of your resources you'll be able to afford to outsource. Is the call center clientele skewed toward your highest margin customers, like clients with large packages? If so, there may not be much economic benefit. Another consideration is technology. If the clientele is skewed towards your lowest margin clients, you could be inclined to use low-tech phone systems and customer experience software to stay within budget. In fact, our work on low-tech automated call center software, Mandala, has found that companies with lower margins are most successful with this solution. In summary, we can only give general guidance, and companies should consider the cost of what you'll be outsourcing.

How to save money when outsourcing a call center

  • Workforce matters – Businesses have to be wary of the cost of a call center agent. While their hourly rate is typically lower than an in-house agent, customer care centers in-house are often less experienced and may come with unexpected costs – vacation pay, compensations, and healthcare.

  • Technical requirements – B2B customers require specialized care from their agents. They want to have a quality experience while interacting with the business. For example, they might want to reach out with critical questions, request assistance in tech support, or resolve a particular service or product issue.

  • Global reach – While the countries such as India, USA are leading markets for outsourced call centers, there are multiple opportunities outside of those countries especially, call centers in Sri Lanka (e.g.: Sales Capital).


At a time when nearly every brand's website could function as a digital experience manager (DXM), a phone call to customer support is the best customer service solution. However, phone calls tend to be high cost, and workers who handle them receive little training in how to provide an optimal experience for customers. The new wave of outsourcing call centers focuses on modernizing this channel by implementing a customer care application that can be easily modified and deployed, saving companies thousands of dollars every year and improving customer service through the increased efficiency, consistency, and speed of service delivery.

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