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Result Driven Engagement

1.8 million Engagements | 03 Months

45,000 Calls | 1.4 million Messages| 400,000 Chat Sessions | 600,000 FB Engagements | 2.2 million Packs Sold

Helping brands achieve engagement with a sale in minds is our job. For one of the largest milk powder brands in the country, we mobilized this campaign by combining all channels together. A true testament to an omnichannel approach!

Making the best of engagement

600,000 Engagements | 02 Months

22,000 Calls | 25,000 Chat Sessions | 250,000 FB Engagements | 350,000 Products Sold

Consumer promotions powered through multiple digital channels and utilized to drive product sales for one of the biggest dairy product manufacturers in the Asian region.  

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-15 at 12.42.31.jpeg

Who said Digital can't drive Direct Sales?

3,500 Engagements | 45 Days

39,000 Reach | 150 Leads | Rs.180,000 Sales

A perfect example of a Sri Lankan brand gaining brand awareness  by featuring its relevance to the correct audience in the most appropriate way, to drive sales that is measurable against digital activities. 

One Million Sales, thanks to Digital!

1,500 Engagements | 30 Days

80,000 Reach | 100 Leads | Rs. 01 Million Sales

Making optimal use of international brand recognition to illustrate product features that matter to the affluent lifestyle. An example of selling a luxurious brand to the discerning upper class market. 


Atlas Chooty 20th Anniversary

Big Dreams Start Chooty

750,000 Reach | 30 Days | 220,000 Engagements

Atlas Sri Lanka dedicated the full month of November 2021 to commemorating the 20th anniversary of one of its key brands; Atlas Chooty; and Sales Capital which is a premier marketing & sales agency in Sri Lanka launched the "Big dreams start Chooty" campaign with three key strategies.

Digital CSR, with a Difference!

2.5 Million Impressions | 14 Days

1.7 Million Reach | Raising 200,000 Star Points

A dedicated scholarship program called "Atlas SipSavi" helps our own Sri Lankan children who drop out of school due to financial difficulties. Sales Capital not only assisted in building donor awareness but also established  a partnership with Dialog Star Points to help raise donations by way of burning Star Points. 



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