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Customer Support  Solutions

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At the heart of our reputation is our belief that great support is about more than managing and closing tickets and rehearsing a list of customer service skills. We believe that it is important to support customers on all channels from day one because customer support service is an integral part of the product experience. The line between product and service is often blurred, and the customer experience becomes as much a part of a product or service as the product itself. Therefore, the Customer Support Service offered by Sales Capital is customized according to the products & services of clients to enhance the product experience.   


Our call center agents are dedicated to maximize customer satisfaction and offer them the required level of attention &  care when handling their inquiries on goods or services. Also, our agents will be trained to provide technical answers to technical problems when they occur.  


Customer support systems (e-service suites) of Sales Capital offer omni-channel support, including email, voice chat, and websites. We offer email response management, claims handling, surveys, media analysis, subscription services, troubleshooting, complaint registration, and other services also under customer support services.

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