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Inbound Call Solutions

Inbound Call Solutions in Sri Lanka


Enquiry Handling

Product Queries

Order Taking

Answering Services

Sales Capital is Sri Lanka's leading inbound call center outsourcing organization which handles a broad number of customer inquiries regularly through assigning dedicated teams to each project. Our main emphasis in this segment is to provide direct benefits to businesses by outsourcing their telecommunications arm to us, allowing them to focus entirely on their business development. Simultaneously, we assist in improving market growth opportunities by improving customer service, lowering costs while increasing revenue, and rising customer loyalty.


Inbound Call Center Services of Sales Capital are based on superior products, modern technologies, tools and equipment, and industry knowledge gained from our many years of experience in the offshore call center service industry of Sri Lanka. We have extensive experience in providing outsourcing services to inbound customers and call centers to global customers in a variety of industries including Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), e-commerce, retail, banking, and more. Our experience in incoming calls and handling enables us to meet the needs of our call center customers. We are highly focused on maximizing corporate profits for our customers. 

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