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Outbound Call Solutions

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Lead Generation

B2B Appointments



Customer Retention

The Outbound Call Center Service of Sales Capital handles business-to-business (B2B) campaigns and B2C campaigns for customers, consumers. This includes recoveries, telesales, lead generation, loyalty programs, customer retention activities, and B2B Appointment setting services. Our in-house advanced technologies and tools create a competitive edge for our customers’ B2B & B2C campaigns.


In today's economy, outsourcing your outbound call center is becoming highly essential. If you do not want to curtail your production but want to reduce your costs, outsourcing your contact center for us assists in accomplishing your business goals.  

Our User management tools allow us to create, modify and delete as many users as requirements of customers. During a busy outgoing call center, tools like dialers are useful for operation and recovery at Sales Capital. Our agents don't have to dial every number, supervisors can push groups of contacts into different queues, and agents can log in and out to improve their agents’ performance.


We use our outbound contact centers to draw the attention of customers’ potential and existing customers to their products and services. When you are outsourcing outbound contact center services to Sales Capital, our team will help to boost your sales by calling existing and potential customers, tracking emails, testing unknown markets, and building good customer relationships that will make your business a success. 

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