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Here’s How Your Agents’ Tone of Voice Impacts Customers

Customers often want to settle with positive resolutions in their purchases whether it be online communication or via call lines. This enigma is solidified through the renowned philosophy that consumers desire that their trust is put in the right brand by encouraging them with top-notch customer support solutions. Currently, telesales are high in demand for their convenience and optimisation, but it is also a medium to imbue guidance for customers with quality tone of voice and a carefully structured word banter.

Therefore, it is the call center agent’s responsibility to carry out brand awareness strategies with the correct disposition which will build trust and leave the customer satisfied. This blog will discuss 4 practices of telesales which boost the effectiveness of your agents’ tone of voice.

#1 Relate to the customer by copying their tone of voice

The agent should not dictate the phone conversation by imitating the polite, monotonous verbal tones that you find common in call centers. By gauging the mood of the customer, you can direct their frustration towards comprehensive and immediate solutions by imitating a casual and light-hearted speaking voice.

As a call center in Sri Lanka, Sales Capital has navigated the typical spectrum of inbound and outbound call solutions which involve utilising the fundamentals of brand data and market response diagnostics to augment the functionality of digital services.

#2 Show empathy

Call center agents should be trained to fine-tune their degree of hospitality in the event of facing an angry customer who expects feedback. Unless the adverse effect of criticism is immediate, the agent will then receive the signal to proceed in calm tones and settle for a solution.

A premier marketing and sales agency in Sri Lanka allocates the funds progressively as well as reclining backwards in terms of business growth. This misconception of destabilising is construed as directing former commercial strategies as an experimentation for potential higher sales turnover.

#3 Be calm and controlled

There are many techniques to remaining calm and collected while still being perseverant in your representative duties, especially when dealing with an irate customer.

The agent should remain open-minded and patient throughout the duration of the call, ensuring they pause appropriately and avoid interruptions in the league of solution finding.

#4 Avoid scripting as much as possible

Representatives are coached to stray away from scripting as extensively as possible. The script is mainly to give an outline that the agent can personalise on mid-call.

If done so, the customer will be given an impression that is depreciating to the contact center’s services.


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