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  • Roshan Bamberadeniya

A brief guide to setting up a call center in Sri Lanka

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On both the company and client sides of the phone, call center outsourcing is a popular topic. Call center outsourcing might be appealing from a company’s standpoint since it allows them to extend customer communication, but it can also be difficult because it requires them to relinquish some control over their service delivery. Call center outsourcing could give extended service hours and more accessible agents for customers, but it can also cause annoyance and misconceptions. Outsourcing is the process or business practice to recruit a third-party organization to conduct some services which were initially performed by the employees of the company themselves. The practice of hiring an external service provider to run and manage a call center is known as call center outsourcing. Companies can opt out of their call center’s operations in whole or in parts such as sales, service, market research. Businesses generally give the outsourced operator a majority of the control, enabling it to employ and train operators, maintain call center software, and handle day-to-day operations.

The benefits of call center outsourcing

When a firm in Sri Lanka establishes an internal call center solution, the costs of technological infrastructure and initial investment in facilities, equipment, staff, and other operations are significant. As an outsourced organization, several clients have joined it to divide this infrastructural burden by just paying for a transactional or an hourly service, thereby decreasing the expense of creating and operating a contact center. There are situations when several calls cannot be handled during different offers at peak times, and also sometimes staff are forced to become idle when the number of calls is minimum, as a result of the variability of the number of calls. Since outsourced call centers in Sri Lanka serve many clients, the frequency of peaks and troughs will be alleviated. The good administration of the employees by the outsourced call center can lower the cost of each call. In addition, call centers in Sri Lanka like Sales Capital can yield a larger amount of calls due to their capability during marketing campaigns. Unlike in-house call centers in Sri Lanka, outsourced call center specialist organizations have keen insight into several sectors based on their years of experience in the contact center sector. Consequently, they have well-trained call center staff which can help the clients of the organization. For instance, Sales Capital has advocated a variety of consumer services, including FMCG, banking, and e-commerce, and now possesses broad industry-specific customer service experience.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The main drawback of call centers in Sri Lanka

It might reduce customer satisfaction when customers are not speaking the same language or different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, firms may believe that the operations of their call centers are not in their hands and therefore they do not have as much control over brand representation. But, Sales Capital call center solutions provide multilingual support for their customer projects at low costs that are very cost-effective and ensure customer satisfaction for companies when they conduct marketing campaigns.

The following areas need to be answered before outsourcing a call center in Sri Lanka

  • The objective of outsourcing

  • Identification of elements of the in-house call center to be outsourced

  • The coverage of call center solutions offered by the call center in Sri Lanka i.e., inbound, outbound, or both.

  • Cost of outsourcing

  • Expected profits from the call project or campaign

  • Time-saving as a result of outsourcing

  • Location of the call center

  • Languages are spoken by the call center agents

  • The cultural background of the call center agents

  • Safety and security of outsourcing

  • Control over the project

  • KPI’s of the call center project

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