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  • Roshan Bamberadeniya

How To Optimize Your Customers’ Experience Through An Omni-Channel Communication

An omni-channel communication is basically connecting several marketing channels into one experience for the customers, with improved communication criteria, and helps to increase sales for the targeted products. While this factor helps to retain customers, there are methods to upgrade your marketing skills through omni-channel communication, which this blog addresses.

#1 Familiarize with the target audience

The first step is to do some background research on the demographic market who will most likely buy your product. This way you can combine the correct quantity of channels for a seamless customer experience. There is no practicality for social media stores in the market for a product that is supposed to attract the median-aged working population or retired. They will most likely opt to visit the stores themselves and complete the purchase.

Call center solutions in Sri Lanka have been spreading their connections in the e-market, as more people are starting to utilize technology to buy what they want. Niche markets have been common, where all types of customers in different age groups, are starting to purchase through online stores and social media.

Moreover, Sales Capital, as an outbound call center in Sri Lanka, also gives leverage to the client’s perspective by using relatable mediums to connect on various platforms. This is done by having the upper-hand information and experience when dealing with customers by asking the appropriate number of queries.

#2 Create the course for the customer journey and identify the weak points

There is meaning to this strategy since you may need to modify the different checkpoints the customer faces by using better platforms. Although, the motive behind this strategy is to find out if and why the customer retention has dropped, at this point in the purchase. You can then make amends, which could be providing real-time experience from the agent to customer or improving the full scope of the online store products.

#3 Allow optimum screen adjustments for the channel

The likely scenario of this third step is to lose a valued customer, if your website is not properly configured for screen adjustments, in the event that he/she swaps from laptop to phone. This will cause the customer journey to collapse, reducing sales, and rendering customer dissatisfaction.

#4 Implement good customer support services

An agent must be prepared for any encounter with a customer by utilizing the channel’s features, like chat and video call, to be perfectly in-sync with email and phone notifications on both sides.

A typical call center in Sri Lanka has decent customer relationship management in the field of telecommunication where they have accessed databases and elocution skills to a fine degree, to be prepared for any situation.

#5 Post-sale for products is also important

In the event the customer wishes to receive customer support services in Sri Lanka for further inquiries on a product, the call center, in turn, must be prepared to offer the same service as the beginning of sale. Exchanges and refunds are common, and the protocol and structured system are to be implemented in all stages.

Statistics show that it costs significantly more to attract a new customer than it is to retain one. This reinforces the requirement to keep all types of stores intact, even the physical ones.

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