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5 Tips for Content Optimisation for Every Social Media Platform

Social media optimisation rallies the digital aspects and structuring of your posts to make it seem more comprehensive to your audience. The direct tags for any social media manager would be to experiment with brand-enhancing profiles which could be implemented to strike engagement with a larger field, and improve the quality of leads.

This blog will address 5 content optimization hacks that can be applied for every social media platform to upgrade your profiles.

#1 Post at the appropriate times

Any social media user has to be steadfast in their basic role which is to post relevant information and at the correct times. Many factors have to be considered, especially if you are running more than one account in the same or different social media platform.

Luckily, online scheduling tools are equipped to handle the peak hours of contemporary engagement regardless of the social, but bearing in mind the effectiveness of the tool features.

The category as a social media marketing agency in Sri Lanka has rendered Sales Capital to be in the branded, experimental phase of digital marketing and the process of which has acquired the versatile and adaptable platforms currently in use.

#2 Update your profile bios to include key information

The scheduling to update your bio is simple. You need to clarify your business’ purpose, faculty significance, interests and the advocacy of your brand inclusive of details to contact the specific business.

There is liberty to expose a key landing page or a link to up-to-date content in a website as part of your profile. The important thing to keep in mind is to update these profile bios regularly.

Social media marketing in Sri Lanka has instilled the prevalent social media base as a fundamental tool that is reaching a positive pinnacle islandwide. The emergence, as of recent data, has concluded that demographics are more inclined to use social media marketing on a regular basis.

#3 Optimise your website links and track customer behavioural diagnostics

It’s important to note that you should prioritise driving traffic to your promotional content or new deals. This will improve engagement with your brand, along with the augmented efforts of tracking diagnostics to conclude which posts are the most popular.

#4 Your social media posting schedule shouldn’t be too hectic

Your posting schedule should be sufficient enough without bombarding your audience for direct conversations and engagement. The key is to lightly experiment on the number of posts you regularly do, and adjust accordingly.

#5 Utilise a SEO content plan with keywords and hashtags

A framework guideline should be consulted for optimum discoverability of the relatable content on search engines. This refers to a SEO content plan where the most relevant keywords and hashtags are listed to direct to the website or business profile, within the content itself.


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