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What Are the Types of Instagram Shopping Posts?

The facilitated reach of Instagram shopping posts is by driving online sales through selectively tagged shopping items that are becoming increasingly popular to use. By using this as a type of easy incentive, customers are now encouraged to buy via Instagram with just a few simple clicks. Currently, online retailers have to work parallelly between working on the overall efficiency of their user accounts, and the most feasible Instagram shopping posts to match its function. This blog will highlight 5 types of Instagram shopping posts that will be an increment to your enterprise’s productivity scale.

#1 Instagram Shopping Feed Posts

The main idea behind this type of Instagram post is to draw in potential buyers for promotional products or general products they have in store. The convenience is addressed in the visual tagging so the customer knows what the product looks like, along with complementary tagging of other products which could be at a limit of five tags.

The process of this Instagram shopping post is simple. Firstly, the entire product catalogue must be completed beforehand so you have a final reference. Then, the tagging is done by implementing the ‘Tag Products’ option in the post draft where you will be led to creating a tag between the image and the same product from the catalogue. So, when the tag is clicked on, the customer will be directed to the product they are interested in.

A social media marketing agency in Sri Lanka will generally have to categorise their tagged posts based on valid popularity and trends that will be used for future additions in the store. An inherent rise in the use of online purchases has encouraged digital marketing businesses like Sales Capital to observe any changes in this process throughout.

#2 Instagram Shopping Carousel Post

This is similar to the shopping feed post, but it is more advanced as this process is a way to allow up to 20 tags.

Under this category, Instagram stories utilise the sticker option to make a clickable tag which will typically go live for 24 hours. It is also a strategy to elevate your digital marketing status for a business that is just starting out.

Digital marketing services in Sri Lanka have been evolving at a similar pace to the nearest digital hub, as per the globe, during its initial stages. A combination of online retailers, social media platforms and forums form the essence of present digital marketing strategies, and are increasing in prominence.

#3 Instagram AR Filters with Tagged Products

This new introduction to the Instagram community has resulted in the dynamic beginning of visuals and upgraded customer assistance. While giving stimulating feedback is advantageous, as per the leading line of cosmetics, a potential buyer is given first-hand intelligence on information about the brand itself concurrently.

#4 Tagged Posts (Shopping from Creators)

A clear indication that your sales follow-up is going well is to have substantial verification through customer-tagged posts bearing your product line to appear on your feed.

This is also conforming to the normal procedure of Instagram posting, except that you can also pay influencers to reach a greater audience.

#5 Instagram Shopping ads

This type of tagged post augments the convenience of online shopping strategies with variations that are systematically run to appeal to a larger crowd.

In order to promote your shoppable feed post, you need to select ‘Promote’ for it to do the needful in your business or creator’s account.

The second option is to set it up through an ads manager, with an adjoined Facebook account being mandatory. The requirements include opting for an objective and audience for a specific product after choosing the ‘Create’ section before proceeding.

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