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  • Roshan Bamberadeniya

5 reasons why outsourcing a call center is important

Outsourcing is the process or business practice to recruit a third-party organization to conduct some services which were initially performed by the employees of the company themselves. It is identified that outsourcing an in-house call center to an organization that is an expert in the contact center industry is becoming a trend due to the following 5 key benefits generated.

1. Cost minimization

When a company develops an in-house contact center solution in Sri Lanka, it costs a lot of money in terms of technical infrastructure, as well as an initial investment in facilities, tools, personnel, and other operations. The biggest advantage of outsourcing a company’s contact center is that it minimizes the cost associated with building and maintaining a contact center since an outsourced organization has many customers who have joined with them to distribute this infrastructure burden by only paying for the service received on a transactional or per-hour basis. Call center agents may also be “shared” among multiple clients by outsourcers. Clients benefit from the “shared-agent” strategy because it decreases idle time and lowers the cost-per-call rate.

2. Flexibility & Scalability

The volume of calls received by an in-house call center varies. There are occasions when there is an unmanageable number of calls due to various promotions running at peak times and staff being compelled to become idle when the volume of calls is minimal. However, since an outsourced contact solutions center serves many customers, it will help alleviate the frequency of call rate peaks and valleys. Due to the outsourced contact center’s effective employee management, the expense of each call can be reduced. Furthermore, call centers such as Sales Capital can accommodate a higher number of calls during marketing campaigns due to their capabilities.

3. Having specialized industry experience & knowledge

Unlike in-house call centers, outsourced call center specialist firms have extensive insights into various industries gleaned from years of experience working in the contact center sector. As a result, they have well-trained call center agents that can provide greater care and assistance to the company’s customers. Sales Capital, for example, has done several consumer promotions in a variety of sectors, including FMCG, banking, and eCommerce, and now has comprehensive industry-specific expertise on customer support.

4. Ability to focus on business growth

Businesses could concentrate on their business growth plans rather than wasting time addressing internal call center problems. Since the outsourced contact solution center strives to provide the best customer support possible through their highly trained agents, business managers can start devoting their time to marketing strategy and campaign developments to enhance company revenue.

5. Technology-driven

Most contact center solutions organizations use cutting-edge technology to efficiently and effectively manage inbound and outbound call centers. As a result, when companies outsource their in-house contact center to these specialist firms, they will gain a technology-driven competitive advantage. Sales Capital’s inbound and outbound call center services, for example, are built on superior products, cutting-edge technology, tools and equipment, and industry expertise gleaned from our many years of experience in the Sri Lankan offshore call center service industry.

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